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DevRight has the expertise to make sure that your corporate forums, events and webinars display a world-class experience. ​

Events & Management


Live Event Management

DevRight works closely with the titans of industry and the grassroots start-ups. Whether it is refining an existing project, developing a new one, creating new templates, or bouncing ideas off of customers and key opinion leaders we can help. We also provide support for event and corporate forums where we organize and run all IT and presentation components.

Virtual Event Management

The world of continuing education is always evolving and DevRight is committed to staying ahead of the curve. If you are needing help running a virtual webinar or simply need coaching on how to effectively present in a virtual space we can be your guide.


Continuing Education

DevRight is an ADA CERP certified continuing education provider. We pride ourselves on creating learning environments that are outside the realm of conventional education for large corporate events down to your local study clubs.


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