Implant World Cup 2015

DevRight is excited to be hosting the return of the Implant World Cup at the 2015 ITI Annual General Meeting in Istanbul.

The Implant World Cup II is an exciting sports and social event that will be held at a football stadium a few kilometers from The Grand Tarabya Hotel. Teams will be made up of ITI Fellows attending the ITI AGM and fans will be all participants and supporters attending the ITI AGM.

The date will be Friday evening April 24, 2015. Food, drink, and entertainment will be enjoyed by all.
Kickoff will be at 18:15.

Transportation to and from the venue will run from 17:00 to 18:15 and return transportation runs from 21:00 to 22:00. 

Contact details for further information:
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(Drs. Will Martin & Brody Hildebrand)

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