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Group Shot 190x130v1Tell your story, share your message and communicate your ideas in a compelling way… DevRight’s OWN IT! series has changed professional presenters and the way they go about thinking of the entire concept of professional presentations as a profession.

OWN your reputation, OWN your presentation, OWN your room, and OWN your podium!

Exceptional presentations are composed of a multitude of facets that, when effectively merged together, capture, educate and entertain an audience. DevRight is committed to providing the support, education and services that will allow dental, medical, corporate and educational groups to expand beyond conventional models of teaching and lecturing.

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Client Feeback

DevRight is amazing.  My skills were greatly improved after working with DevRight.

Roy McGreggor


Train With Us

Speaker Development Master's I
Creating The Professional Presentation

  • Sept 11-12, 2015 (Dallas)
  • May 28-29, 2015 (Dallas)
  • Jan 30-31, 2015 (Dallas)
  • Aug 22-23, 2014 (Dallas)
  • July 11-12, 2014 (Dallas)
  • May 30-31, 2014 (Denver)
  • Jan 17-16, 2014 (Miami)
  • Dec 6-7, 2013 (Dallas)
  • Oct 11-12, 2013 (Dallas)


Speaker Development Master's II
Photography & Image Editing for The Professional Presentation

  • Dec 3-4, 2015 (Dallas)
  • Sept 10-11, 2015 (Dallas)
  • Mar 27-28, 2015 (Dallas)
  • Oct 3-4, 2014 (Dallas)
  • Aug 22-24, 2014 (Location TBD)
  • July 10-11, 2014 (Dallas)
  • June 20-21, 2014 (Dallas)
  • May 29-30, 2014 (Denver)


Advanced Graphics in Professional Presentation and Room Dynamics
  • Dec 4-5, 2015 (Dallas)
  • Sept 25-26, 2015 (Dallas)
  • May 29-30, 2015 (Dallas)
  • Dec 5-6, 2014 (Dallas)


Speaker Development Master's IV
OWN IT! Your Reputation, Your Presentation, Your Room and Your Podium

  • Jan (TBD) 2016 (Dallas)
  • Jun 20-22, 2014 (Location TBD)

DevRight in Action!


Speaker Development Series
OWN your Reputation, Presentation, Room, & Podium


Presentation Development
Master Themes, Master Templates, Merging


Presentation Polishing
Conversions between Mac and PC,
4:3 -> 16:6 -> 3:1, Polishing


Extreme CE
DevRight's Implant World Cup, Speaker Boot Camp, Corporate Team Retreats

  • “DevRight is a company of unmistakably upbeat professionals that wants to make your life a more enjoyable experience…plain and simple…and they are there essentially 24/7 to insure it happens. They are a ‘solutions oriented group’ that has helped me immensely with speaker development, lecturing, PowerPoint as well as putting together my personal computer and presentation equipment. My professional and personal life has been greatly enhanced because of my friends at DevRight and all they have done for me which I deeply appreciate.”

  • “The DevRight Speakers Development Series has helped me create a disciplined approach to developing my PowerPoint presentation and speaking skills so when I am in front of a crowd I can be confident that message will be well received.”

  • “It is hard to convey the wealth of knowledge I have gained from attending DevRight SDS I, II, and III. I have increased my presentation skills with each course and look forward to what SDS IV will do to improve my skill even more. Not only has my skill at creating wonderful power points become more advanced, the confidence I have gained in handling the “gliches” of being a speaker has become a priceless asset.”


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